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Employee Engagement is Serious Business!

BizHelp is your management partner that specializes in helping companies create a workplace atmosphere of engagement, loyalty, commitment and productivity. Regardless of talent, subject matter expertise and experience, engagement is the single biggest critical success factor, in any effort.

A culture of engagement exists through strong leadership, communication and organizational development and cannot be mandated or purchased. Corporate culture and values have a direct and powerful impact on employee engagement. At BizHelp, we assess engagement levels, help create action plans based on results and work with managers ensure implementation and follow-up.

According to Gallup, engaged workgroups show in productivity, profitability, safety incidents, and absenteeism versus disengaged workgroups, Gallup has proven that companies with world-class engagement have 3.9 times the earnings per share growth rate compared with organizations with lower engagement in their same industries.

What is your engagement score?

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